Record high-quality voice, remove background noise, and experience a royalty-free speech library of 200+ voices in 50+ languages and accents. All packaged in Vbee AIVoice Studio‘s AI-powered AI Voice Recorder solution!

Online AI Voice Recorder

AI Voice Recorder tool is developed based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, natural language processing (NLP) and advanced machine learning algorithms to convert user input text into voice quickly.

With advances in artificial intelligence, voice recording process is much simpler and more cost-effective. AI Text To Speech technology can help transcribe audio in real time and remove background noises.

Voice recording process is much simpler and more cost-effective
Voice recording process is much simpler and more cost-effective

Using an Online AI Voice Recorder as Vbee AIVoice Studio makes it easy to start recording without expensive equipment. This process takes place in just a few minutes, faster and more cost-effective than previous traditional recording.

In particular, our platform provides a simple and easy-to-use interface. Even new users without much experience can easily record and save files in many different audio formats such as WAV or MP3.

Vbee Text to Speech Voice Recorder

Vbee AIVoice Studio is famous as the leading AI Voice Recorder in the Vietnamese market. Platform works by combining artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and advanced machine learning technology to create AI voices that are 99% as realistic and natural as human voices.

With the help of our Text to Speech Voice Recorder, users can easily record and customize voice for use in many fields such as marketing, entertainment, customer service, YouTube content. Whether your purpose is video dubbing or recording call center greetings, Vbee’s Voice Recorder can optimize the process by providing high-quality AI voice over.

Vbee's voice library currently has 200+ diverse voices available in 50+ languages and accents
Vbee’s voice library currently has 200+ diverse voices available in 50+ languages and accents

Vbee Online Voice Recorder’s voice library currently has 200+ diverse voices available in 50+ different languages. This is also what makes our platform the preferred choice of many businesses, users and content creators. Besides, the ability to customize voices (speed and audio parameters) is also an outstanding advantage of Vbee AIVoice Studio.

Content creators can exploit Vbee Text to Speech Voices as a recording tool to create compelling stories with characters with emotional depth. Businesses can use it to record call center greetings and integrate with chatbots to create more engaging user experiences. Besides, our AI Voice Recorder tool also brings many other benefits to publishers and game developers.

AI Voice Recorder – Record Your Voice Online

Vbee AIVoice is the perfect combination of machine learning technology, Text to Speech and advanced artificial intelligence to convert text into high-quality audio. AI Voices generated by Vbee are natural and realistic, helping  help listeners feel more comfortable and improve engagement.

In addition to Online Text to Speech Voices platform, Vbee also provides APIs that allow users to integrate into their applications and websites to develop and create “speaking” products.

After registering, users can easily convert text to speech, record audio by entering text or upload files. Choose from many different voices, listen to audio files and download in many different formats such as MP3, WAV.

​AI Voice Changer – Convert audio from browser

Our AI Voice Changer allows users to easily record, save and share voice directly on desktop or mobile devices. In addition to the Free version (limited to 3000 characters/day), Vbee also offers paid packages with unlimited characters.

Vbee’s Voice Recorder is perfect for those who want to record quickly, easily and in real time. Whether you are a student, content creator, marketer, and mores, Vbee can meet your needs. Here are some use cases of our solution for outstanding results:

  • Content Creators: Record audio for YouTube, TikTok video dubbing, podcasts recording, etc. Vbee’s platform eliminates the need to hire voice actors and expensive equipment like before. Instead, content creators can choose from 200+ male and female voices to create unique voices and emotional depth for their characters.
  • Students: Record lectures, helping students, especially those with visual impairments, easily absorb information.
  • Customer Service: Record call center greetings quickly and cost-effectively.
Vbee ​AI Voice Changer - Convert audio from browser
Vbee ​AI Voice Changer – Convert audio from browser

Voice Recorder AI – Master your recordings

One of the outstanding features of Vbee AIVoice Studio is its provision of many voices in many different languages and accents. Accordingly, users can use it to record voice and create audio content suitable for the target audience. The ability to customize the voice to suit each specific character improves the level of personalization and authenticity of the created voice.

Vbee’ AI Voice Recorder also offers a simple and user-friendly interface, making navigating and customizing settings more seamless. Users can customize audio settings such as pitch and reading speed to create the desired tone for their projects.

Discover Vbee AIVoice Studip and master your recordings
Discover Vbee AIVoice Studip and master your recordings

Our platform is compatible and works on Windows and macOS platforms. In addition to web version, Vbee AIVoice is also available as an app for Android and iOS on the Google Play Store and App Store app stores.

Vbee AI Voice Recorder is an ideal solution for businesses and content creators who need large-scale voice production for a variety of projects, including YouTube videos, marketing materials, e-learning, and presentations. Marketers can take advantage of AI-powered voiceovers to create instructional videos, advertisements, etc.

Whatever your purpose, Vbee’s AI Voice Recorder can fully meet and deliver a seamless experience. Try our tool for free today and discover how easy the recording process is.

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