Provide automated responses, expand your customer reach, efficiently route calls, and reduce wait times. Reduce call centers operating costs by up to 90% and enhance overall customer experience with Vbee AIVoice Studio‘s IVR Voice Recording.

IVR Voice Recording

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) plays an important role in revolutionizing Call Centers and enhancing customer experience. IVR Voice Recording system like Vbee AIVoice Studio is designed to help businesses deliver intelligent self-service and enhanced customer experiences.

Vbee helps businesses deliver intelligent self-service and enhanced customer experiences
Vbee helps businesses deliver intelligent self-service and enhanced customer experiences

Our IVR Voice Recording Online system allows users to create voice greetings that sound as natural and realistic as a real human voice. Users can choose from 200+ emotional voices in 50+ languages to increase brand awareness and connect with customers faster.

By leveraging Vbee AI IVR Voice Generator solution, businesses and users can reduce operating costs while providing more personalized customer interactions.

Why choose Vbee for IVR Recordings?

For call centers, handling large volumes of calls and serving global customers can be a big challenge. Vbee’s multilingual IVR Voice Recording system helps route calls to the right department and drive a remarkable customer experience.

Multi-language IVR Recordings

Vbee AIVoice Studio provides users with IVR Voice Recording solutions in 50+ languages and 200+ voices. These languages include but are not limited to American English, British English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, and many others. Play the video below to explore the switchboard voice of Vbee AIVoice:

Affordable Pricing

What makes Vbee different from other AI IVR voices solutions is that platform is available at affordable prices. Specifically, our IVR Voice Recording service offers 4 different plans for users to choose from, including: free trial plan, Standard plan, Professional plan, and Special plan. Click here for more information about our price list.

Vbee guarantees that our packages do not incur any charges and include several features such as speech customization, downloading audio as MP3 or WAV and logging in to multiple devices at the same time. Users can choose from our flexible plans to suit their purposes and budget.

Vbee IVR Voice Recording service offers 4 flexible plans
Vbee IVR Voice Recording service offers 4 flexible plans

​Smart AI Voice

Vbee’s IVR voice over platform is a combination of advanced AI technology, voice synthesis and Text to Speech to create high-quality AI Voices, natural and with human-like emotional depth. Leveraging our solution can help businesses save significant costs while creating more “personalized” customer experiences.

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No Learning Curve

Eliminate the hassle of manually recording call center greetings. With Vbee AIVoice Studio’s simple interface, you can easily create professional IVR voiceovers simply by entering text or uploading a script and creating a recording.

Not only does this save you time and money, but you can also customize or update voiceovers as needed and ensure IVR system operates efficiently.

Create an IVR Recording Online

Vbee’s AI-based IVR Voice Generator tool allows users to create high-quality voice greetings and prompts for IVR systems with low time and cost while increasing customer engagement. Below are details on how to make an IVR Recording Online with Vbee:

Step 1: Choose the appropriate voice and language

The first step is to type your IVR script, then select language and voice that you want to use for your recording. Vbee’s rich voice library supports over 200 Text To Speech Voices and over 50 different languages, including English, Danish, French, German, and many more.

ivr voice recording 0

Step 2: Customize Voice

Personalize your voice by using customization features such as speed, pauses, audio parameters, etc. Additionally, you can change or update the script at any time.

ivr voice recording 1

Step 3: Preview and Edit

Click Generate button to render text into voiceover. After the process is complete, you can listen to the generated voice by clicking Play button and make any necessary edits.

ivr voice recording 2

Step 4: Download your recording as WAV

Vbee IVR Voice Recording supports MP3 and WAV file formats. You can download your recordings in these 2 formats and use them for your IVR system.

AI IVR Voice Generator

Artificial Intelligence technology is impacting every sector and IVR Voice Recording is no exception. AI-powered voice recorders like Vbee Text to Speech Voice offer a simplified IVR recording approach and high-quality service.

Our text to speech converter uses advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to deliver human-like emotion and depth. Businesses and users can integrate these high-quality audio files into self-service solutions to enhance customer experience, even serving a global customer base.

Get started with our IVR Voice Recording free
Get started with our IVR Voice Recording free

Vbee IVR Voice Recording offers many unique benefits, providing flexible, 24/7 response, customization, and adaptability to enterprise IVR systems. These benefits are especially valuable to companies that need to extend customer service outside of business hours.

With our text to speech converter, you can easily create speech for immediate use. Instead of hiring a voiceover artist to record all the voice messages or voiceovers for the IVR call menu. You just need to enter any text script, then Vbee IVR Voice Recording platform will instantly convert it into high-quality speech.

Our solutions are suitable for businesses of all sizes to enhance self-service systems.

Set up perfect IVR marketing campaigns through customizable features and voices with Vbee AIVoice Studio. Get started with our IVR Voice Recording free.

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