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Are you looking for a Japanese text to speech tool to produce audio content for audiobooks, news, entertainment, etc. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the Vbee Japanese voice generation tool AIVoice please! With a diverse library of voices and languages, Vbee AIVoice not only helps speed up audio production but also saves the cost of recording and dubbing.

(Japanese Text To Speech: 🇯🇵 テキストを音声に変換)

Explore the free Japanese voice generator from Vbee AIVoice, offering a variety of voices. Watch the voice demo video below.

You can make the most of our Japanese Text to Speech to MP3 in Japanese, generate audio from Word documents, or enhance PowerPoint presentations with audio via the online Japanese text-to-speech converter.

Use Japanese Voice Generator

Vbee AIVoice features four Japanese text to speech male and female voices – Aas, Akemi, Bali, and Anu – perfect for creating voices for different video genres. Listen to the audio demo to audition their reading styles.


Vbee AIVoice simplifies the process of converting text into realistic audio and video files. Begin with straightforward Japanese text using our Japanese voice text to speech generators. Choose from our selection of Japanese male and female voices and proceed with text-to-audio conversion.

Explore the free Japanese voice generator from Vbee AIVoice
Explore the free Japanese voice generator from Vbee AIVoice

Here’s the process:

  1. Start with simple Japanese text.
  2. Choose from ourJapanese text to speech male and female voices.
  3. Convert text to Japanese speech.

In addition to these options, Vbee AIVoice offers over 200 Text To Speech Voices in more than 50 foreign languages.

Explore additional features in our Tools section for more options, such as uploading Word documents to Vbee AIVoice, adjusting voice speed/volume, and integrating audio into PowerPoint presentations.

Japanese TTS online

Online Japanese TTS conversion is a simple way to create audio documents, much faster and more convenient than searching for a recorded human voice in Japanese. Vbee AIVoice supports various applications in just a few minutes:

  • Japanese text to speech for YouTube videos.
  • Convert cute anime voice text to speech in Japanese.
  • Create Japanese audiobooks.
  • Japanese text to speech conversion for automatically reading audio in blog posts.
  • Use the Text-to-Speech feature to prepare Japanese lesson plans and lectures.
  • Japanese text to voice for TikTok.
Vbee AIVoice features four Japanese text to speech male and female voices
Vbee AIVoice features four Japanese text to speech male and female voices

Japanese accent English text to speech tool – Vbee AIVoice

Create English text with a Japanese accent using our Japanese text readers feature. Simply choose one of our Japanese voices and input English text instead of Japanese. This will generate English text-to-speech audio with a Japanese accent. Since different voices may have varying abilities in secondary languages, it’s a good idea to experiment with narration voice and voices to find the best match.

Convert Japanese text to speech

To convert Japanese text to speech, open the Vbee AIVoice text-to-speech app on any web browser, enter the text, and select one of the Japanese voice generators. The conversion process takes just a few seconds, creating a professional audio file. This is much faster and more convenient than traditional self-recording.

To convert text to Japanese audio, enter the text in the conversion box and press the “Convert” button. Vbee AIVoice is an online text reader, and you can start using our free online speech synthesizer.

Vbee AIVoice’s Japanese text-to-speech tool is an effective way to quickly convert PowerPoint presentations into videos with attractive captions. Our tools are continually evolving with new features to meet diverse user needs. Try our tool now!

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  • Website: vbee.vn
  • Email: contact@vbee.ai
  • Address: Floor 15, Ngoc Khanh Plaza, No. 1 Pham Huy Thong, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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