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Convert text to speech effortlessly in Punjabi and 50 other languages. Explore Vbee AIVoice – free online Punjabi text to speech service without the necessity for registration. 


Punjabi text to speech simplifies the creation of audio files and videos in the Punjabi language. Utilize our realistic Punjabi text to speech voices to efficiently produce professional-sounding audio for Punjabi voiceovers, offering MP3, WAV, and M4A audio outputs, as well as MP4 videos. Our Indian Punjabi text to speech converters provide a natural and realistic experience, replicating the sound of text delivery akin to how a native speaker would read aloud Gurmukhi text.

The Punjabi language is spoken in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. There are over 110 million native Punjabi speakers worldwide. The language exhibits variations in writing systems between India and Pakistan. In India, Punjabi employs the Gurmukhi alphabet, based on the Indic script. In Pakistan, Punjabi is written using the Shahmukhi alphabet, similar to Persian and Arabic. Presently, Vbee voices are capable of reading only Gurmukhi script, so when generating Punjabi audio, ensure the use of the Gurmukhi script.  

Use Vbee’s Punjabi text to speech online 

Vbee AIVoice offers four Punjabi text to speech voices, including both male and female options. Watch the video below with sound to experience.

Certainly, you can explore our diverse range of offerings for creating content tailored to the Indian market. This includes text to voice converters for Punjabi and Hindi, Indian Bengali text to speech generators, Tamil Indian text to speech voices, Gujarati text to speech voices, Kannada text to voice converters, English Indian text to speech online voices, Malayalam text to voice AI, and Telugu text readers.  

Vbee AIVoice provides 4 Punjabi text to speech female and male voices. Listen to the audio demo: 


Punjabi voice maker

Vbee AIVoice simplifies the process of creating videos and audio files with lifelike audio from text. Begin with our free Punjabi text to speech service. Choose from one of our Punjabi male or female voices below, and input your text to generate the audio effortlessly.

In addition to the aforementioned voices, Vbee AIVoice boasts a collection of 200 Text To Speech Voices spanning 50 languages. 

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For additional features and options, such as uploading Word documents, adjusting voice speed and volume, working with PowerPoint files, or handling Markdown scripts, explore our Tools section.

Text to speech Punjabi application

Effortlessly generate various audio and video materials using Punjabi voice generators online, including:

  • Creating audio files with text to speech in Punjabi.
  • Producing Punjabi online videos with text to speech.
  • Developing Punjabi text to speech online text readers.
  • Crafting a voice maker for Punjabi audiences.
  • Experiencing the sound of text in Punjabi.
  • Crafting TTS Punjabi social media stories.
  • Designing Punjabi YouTube videos with text to speech.
  • Listening to the sound of text for blog posts and articles.
Punjabi text to speech
Convert Punjabi text to speech for quick audio production

Check out our Punjabi text to speech tool

Text to Voice makers enables you to offer audio-assistive features to your users, facilitate Punjabi text reading aloud, and effortlessly convert text to voice in the Punjabi language.

Punjabi text to speech FAQ

Certainly! Please provide the specific questions or details you would like to know about Punjabi online text to speech voices, and I’ll do my best to provide you with the information you’re looking for.

Insert audio of text to speech Punjabi

Utilize the Vbee AIVoice text to audio tool by entering Punjabi text or uploading a Word document. Choose one of the Punjabi voices from the voice dropdown menu, and within moments, you’ll receive a professionally sounding audio file in the Punjabi language, pronounced as if a native speaker were reading the words.

Easily convert text to speech with Vbee AIVoice for quick audio and video dubbing production. Experience now.  

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