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Chinese is one of the popular languages in the world. Therefore, the need to use Chinese text to speech tools is huge. Vbee AIVoice is voice creation software with more than 50 languages and more than 200 natural AI voices, with human-like emotions. Experience this tool now to create a Chinese voice.

(请阅读以下的英文文本: 汉语文字转语音)

The Chinese text to speech voice facilitates easy creation of online videos, narrations, and audio documents for the Chinese market. You can listen to our Chinese voices for free in the demo video below:

Text to Speech Mandarin Voices

Our Chinese AI Voice generator utilizes artificial voice conversion technology and natural language processing to understand the context of the text, creating Chinese text-to-speech audio quickly without the need for manual recording.

In addition to more than 7 standard Chinese voices, including both male and female tones, Vbee AIVoice also offers over 50 languages and 200 different Text to Speech Voices. Moreover, we employ advanced technologies like natural language processing, machine learning, and Text To Speech to produce natural-sounding voices rich in emotion, akin to human speech. Choose one of the Chinese male or female voices below to listen to a sample:


Yi Xuan
Qing Ya
Jùn Lăng
Wăn Tóng

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Chinese AI Voice Generator

The Chinese language (Mandarin), also known as Putonghua, has some distinct characteristics:

Mandarin has about 21 consonants. Some consonants have unique pronunciations, such as “q”, “x”, and “zh”, “ch”, “sh”, “r”, which differ in phonetics compared to English.

Some sounds like “r-” (as in “rén”), “zh-“, “ch-“, and “sh-” are not commonly pronounced in Western languages and can be challenging for beginners to learn.

Vbee AIVoice’s Chinese AI Voice Generator uses artificial intelligence to make pronunciation easier than ever before.

Chinese Text to Speech Applications

Our voices are highly realistic and vivid, making it easier and more convenient for you to create Chinese MP3 and WAV files than recording them yourself. Our Chinese Text to Speech is based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing, ensuring authentic and natural sound. You can apply our Chinese Text to Speech for tasks such as:

  • Voice over videos with Chinese Text to Speech
  • Presentation slides in Chinese
  • Create Audiobooks with Chinese Text to Speech
Using Chinese Text to Speech to creating audio for your video
Using Chinese Text to Speech to creating audio for your video

Chinese Text to Speech FAQ

How to use Chinese text to speech?

Vbee AIVoice offers quick and efficient conversion by simply entering text or uploading docx, txt files to the interface. Just follow these 03 basic steps:

  • Step 1: Start with a simple Chinese text
  • Step 2: Next, choose one of our Chinese Text to Speech voices
  • Step 3: Press the convert button to create audio

Can I adjust the parameters of Chinese Text to Speech?

Not limited to Chinese but also applicable to many other voices, Vbee AIVoice allows you to modify voice parameters. You can make advanced voice adjustments, such as changing the speech rate to be faster or slower, applying fade in/fade out, creating gain, adding reverb, and more.

Which Chinese voice is most commonly used?

One of the most favored Chinese voice sounds from Vbee AIVoice is Qing Yă and Nikita.

Vbee AIVoice helps you create voices for videos, making Chinese presentations more engaging. Try it now!

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