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Converting text into Korean voices and 50 other languages has never been easier. Experience our Korean Text to Speech tool right now to see the convenience it offers.

(한국어 텍스트를 음성으로 변환: 텍스트 음성 변환)

Korean Text to Speech technology makes it incredibly easy to generate voiceovers for videos and audio materials for a Korean audience and delivers lifelike and vivid speech. Instead of spending hours on recording as before, now you can create Korean voices in just a few minutes. Play the video below to listen to a quick demo:

Korean voice over

Korean, also known as the Korean language, is an East Asian language that has developed for over 1,500 years and is currently spoken by more than 75 million people worldwide. Distinctive features of Korean pronunciation include:

  • Vowels: Korean has a set of basic vowels, including single vowels (e.g., ㅏ, ㅓ, ㅗ) and double vowels (e.g., ㅐ, ㅔ, ㅚ). Vowels play a crucial role in pronunciation and word meaning. Differences in the pronunciation of vowels can lead to misunderstandings.
  • Aspirated and unaspirated sounds: Korean employs a range of aspirated and unaspirated sounds (such as ㄱ, ㄷ, ㅂ) to create richness in pronunciation. For example, the sound ㄱ can be pronounced like “g” in “go” or “k” in “kite” in different contexts.
  • Pronunciation of “ㅇ”: ㅇ is called the “empty sound” and does not have its own sound. It is often placed at the beginning of words to produce a slight pause in pronunciation. For example, “안녕하세요” (Annyeong haseyo) includes the word “안” (An) with ㅇ at the beginning, creating the sound “an”.

Vbee AIVoice offers 06 male and female Korean Text to Speech voices. Choose one of the Korean male or female voices below to listen to a sample:

Seo Jin






Additionally, Vbee AIVoice supports more than 50 languages and offers over 200 different Text To Speech Voices. This provides flexibility in generating voices not only in Korean but also in many other languages.

Korean accent Text to Speech

Vbee AIVoice is an AI voice generator, a tool that offers the ability to quickly convert text input or accept text documents such as docx or txt. From there, users can easily transform the audio into MP3 and WAV files, saving time and effort compared to traditional recording methods. The text to speech technology is highly realistic and vibrant, enabling easy audio conversion for a variety of desired purposes.

Converting text into Korean voices and 50 other languages has never been easier
Converting text into Korean voices and 50 other languages has never been easier

Korean Text to Speech Applications

Korean Text to Speech supports users in producing online content because it allows creators to easily add Korean voiceovers to their videos, podcasts, and audio books. With the ability to synthesize Korean voices, creators can incorporate narrations in Korean into their content, making it more engaging and accessible.

In addition to converting text to speech, our Korean text to speech tool can be used to improve Korean pronunciation. For example, the pronunciation synthesis feature can help users learn how to accurately pronounce words and phrases in Korean. This is particularly useful for language learners looking to enhance their accent and fluency. Furthermore, utilizing text-to-speech technology can enhance the accuracy and consistency of speech, ensuring that the end results are of the highest quality.

Vbee AIVoice helps you generate speech from Text to Speech technology. This tool is increasingly being embraced and actively developed. Try it now!

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