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What is AI Voice Generator?

AI Voice Generator is simply tool designed to convert text into audio. Technically, the tool uses AI, speech synthesis, and Text to Speech technology to generate speech from text input and read it aloud.

In the field of technology, the word “AI Voice Generator” is represented in different ways in countries around the world. For example, in Germany we say “AI Voice Generator” or “AI-Stimmen-Generator“. In Spain, this expression is called “AI Voice Generator” or “Creador de voz con IA“. In France, it is performed as “AI Voice Generator” or “Générateur de voix off“. In Italian we use “AI Voice Generator” or “Generatore di Voce AI“. In Poland, this expression is “AI Voice Generator” or “Generator Głosu AI“. Finally, in Swedish we say “AI Voice Generator” or “AI Röstgenerator“. This shows the diversity and richness of language when representing technological terms.

The idea behind AI Voice Generator is to develop an essential tool to help people access information more easily and comprehensively, especially those with visual impairments and dyslexia. Besides, content creators, businesses, marketers,… also benefit a lot from the text-to-speech platform.

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AI Voice Generator Online such as Vbee AIVoice apply AI technology and advanced machine learning algorithms to create voices that are 99% realistic, natural and have emotional depth like humans, optimizing your budget up to 90%  and time.

Vbee Voice AI – Transform Text into 200+ Realistic Voice

Vbee AIVoice is a powerful AI-based text-to-speech. In addition, this is also a speech generator which is highly appreciated by many users thanks to diverse voices (with 200+ male and female voices), ease of use and the ability to create virtual voices with emotional depth like real human voices.

Vbee’s Online Text to Speech is widely used in many fields and industries, including: entertainment, banking, education, audio books, audio newspapers, game dubbing, marketing, healthcare, Call Center, and more. Our AI-powered voice generator continuously improves and updates new voices for users to choose according to their purposes.

Vbee AI Voice Generator - Transform Text into 200+ Realistic Voice
Vbee AI Voice Generator – Transform Text into 200+ Realistic Voice

​Vbee AIVoice allows users to choose from over 200+ voices (continuously updated) with more than 50+ languages. Besides, our platform also provides options that allow users to control audio settings such as pitch and reading speed. Enjoy full features with our 3-day free trial by click here to register for an account.

In addition to the main function of converting text to speech, Vbee add a new subtitle to audio conversion feature in latest version. This feature allows users to easily convert SRT subtitle files to audio to add voiceover to videos, audiobooks, etc quickly, saving time and budget.

How does AI Audio Generator Work?

This is a complex process. In which natural language processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the important elements of the system. Below are the detailed steps by which the Voice AI system creates speech:

  • Text processing: The first step is text processing. System will break down phrases into component parts called tokens, analyze subjects as well as classify words based on semantic content.
  • Speech synthesis: In this next step, system will use complex algorithms and linguistic rules to imitate human intonation and pronunciation. To enhance voice realism and naturalness, some AI Voice Generators incorporate natural language processing to understand and analyze the nuances of language such as: Deep Voice Text To Speech, Scary Voice,…
  • Language processing: Once trained, AI system will use Text to Speech technology to start generating speech from text. When users input text, the system will divide it into phonetic components, synthesize these components to form sentences and convey messages effectively.
  • Waveform synthesis: Finally, Text to Speech Voices system will generate sound waves to create the output voice. Nowadays, thanks to modern AI algorithms, voices are created with sound natural and realistic like humans.

Guide On How To Generative AI Text to Voice

Power your projects and improve the consistency of your videos with clear voiceover. Choose any voice from a library of over 200+ AI voices (continuously updated) that sound as natural and realistic as a real human voice. Unlock a multilingual experience in 50+ global languages and accents by using our AI Voice Generator.

After registering Vbee AIVoice account, you can easily generate an AI voice through 3 simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Input your text into the script box
  • Step 2: Select any AI voice and language you want and then click the Generate button to start the text-to-speech process. Additionally, in this step you can customize settings such as reading speed, pitch, etc.
  • Step 3: After the conversion process is completed, click the Play button as shown below to preview audio before downloading. Finally, click the Download button to download the file as MP3 or WAV.

Vbee AI Text to Speech – Top Use Cases

Generating endless content, save more than 90% of budget and time with Vbee AIVoice. Our Text To Speech technology creates an AI voice that is as realistic and natural as a human voice. Vbee’s AI Text to Speech platform is widely applied in many fields such as:

  • Call Center: Vbee AI Voice Generator is applied to automatically generate greetings in just a few minutes without recording. This helps improve and enhance customer service quality.
  • Audiobooks and newspapers: Easily convert the text content of traditional documents, books, and electronic newspapers into audio to help visually impaired people access information more comprehensively and easily.
Make your videos and presentations come alive
Make your videos and presentations come alive
  • YouTube video dubbing: Use our platform to convert news clips, books, stories, content… into audio files for video dubbing.
  • Games Voiceover: Our AI Reader can be used to create voices for game characters and create immersive experiences for gaming environments. With a diverse voice repertoire by gender and region, you can choose from many types of game characters.
  • Documents: Convert the content of lessons, presentations, lectures… into audio.
  • E-learning: Create e-learnings and audio slides quickly and professionally.
  • Marketing: Automatic narration of product introduction and advertising videos.

Make your videos and presentations come alive with Vbee AIVoice Studio’s library of realistic and human-like AI voices. Explore and experience advanced features with our AI Voice Generator platform today!

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