In today’s technological age, create educational videos is no longer just a human task but is also strongly supported by AI voice technology. The emergence of these technologies such as Vbee AIVoice not only brings greater efficiency but also opens new doors for the education field, making the presentation of knowledge more flexible and easier.

Educational videos

Before AI voice technology became widespread, traditional presentations often encountered significant limitations. One of the biggest problems is the time and effort it requires. Producing a quality presentation requires investing a large amount of time and effort from researching and drafting the content, designing the presentation, to preparing the script and finding professional speakers. This can be a big challenge for individuals, organizations or businesses, especially when many presentations need to be produced or for large projects.

How to create educational videos: No Experience Required
How to create educational videos: No Experience Required

In addition, cost is also an important issue. Hiring professional speakers can be expensive and require significant financial resources. This can reduce the organization or business’s flexibility in producing presentations, especially when there are changes or updates in information.

Furthermore, updating or adjusting content in traditional presentations is often difficult. This can result in the presentation not being up to date and accurately reflecting the latest information.

Create a video lesson quickly

Instead of struggling with the complexities of video editing, let Vbee AIVoice do all the boring work related to audio content. Your job is to focus on quality educational content.

  • Flexible and economical: Using AI Voices allows us to create educational videos to automatically create content from text. This increases flexibility and saves significant time compared to hiring a professional speaker or recording your own voice.

  • Quality voice: AI voice technology provides uniformity in voice quality and style, eliminating variation due to differences between speakers. This enhances the viewer’s experience and keeps the create educational videos professional.
  • Easily customize content: With AI voice, it becomes easier to update or adjust educational video content. Producers only need to edit the text and rerun the AI voice without having to completely recreate the video.
  • Multilingual content: AI voice technology is capable of reading text in many different languages naturally and realistically. This helps expand the influence of educational videos to many learners around the world.

To create educational videos

You can easily create educational videos with high-quality and flexible presentation videos using Vbee AIVoice’s AI voice technology by combining with Google Slides or PowerPoint.

  • Step 1: Convert educational scripts into audio using the Vbee AIVoice tool. Use our tool and add scenarios and theory lessons. Select the voice and you will get the audio after pressing “Convert”.
Convert educational scripts into audio using the Vbee AIVoice tool
Convert educational scripts into audio using the Vbee AIVoice tool
  • Step 2: Insert the newly created audio into Google Slides or Powerpoint. You need to add audio content appropriate to the content of each slide. Thus, the presentation content and sound will be consistent. Easily understand and follow lesson content.
Insert the newly created audio into Google Slides or Powerpoint
Insert the newly created audio into Google Slides or Powerpoint
  • Step 3: After inserting audio into each slide of the presentation, to create a complete educational video, select “Export video”.
Export video
Export video

So you have an automatically dubbed educational video. No cost to hire a voice actor, no need to spend too much time.

Frequently asked questions about automatic lesson creation

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our educational script-to-speech conversion tool:

How to create educational videos from PowerPoint?

You just need to work with Powerpoint as usual. Add effects and transitions. Our text-to-speech engine then turns the text in your presentation into audio. For more information, see our guide on adding voiceover to video in a presentation above.

How to save PowerPoint as MP4?

PowerPoint now supports converting presentations into MP4 videos with full vivid sound. You can absolutely create educational videos right on this tool without the participation of third-party software.

PowerPoint now supports converting presentations into MP4 videos with full vivid sound
PowerPoint now supports converting presentations into MP4 videos with full vivid sound

How do you create an educational video quickly?

Open the Powerpoint presentation creation tool. Add a voiceover script created from the Vbee AIVoice speech synthesis engine. With more than 200 Text To Speech Voices and more than 50 languages, you can freely create educational videos dubs depending on the student’s target audience. In just a few minutes, you will have an educational video voiced extremely vividly and attractively.

Create educational videos on Powerpoint?

Vbee AIVoice supports natural and realistic dubbing in many different languages, including Vietnamese, English, French, Spanish, and many more. This helps create multilingual educational videos to serve a diverse audience. Allows you to easily add voiceovers to your presentations. You can voice over key presentations, passages of text, or even images and charts. Create educational videos with the Vbee AIVoice PowerPoint dubbing engine can be shared and played across various platforms and devices without compatibility issues.

Create educational videos on YouTube
Create educational videos on YouTube

How do you create an educational video on YouTube?

Vbee AIVoice has the ability to automatically create audio for PowerPoint presentations from language lessons into videos for YouTube in a convenient way. Turn your slides into an automated video lecture, convert presenter notes into voice-over content, and synchronize audio and video, creating videos ready to upload to YouTube. You can also create 720p or full HD videos easily through this tool.

Create educational videos is much simpler and faster with the Vbee AIVoice text-to-speech engine. Not only can you create educational videos, you can also create a variety of audio content on social networking platforms such as audiobooks, entertainment, news, movie reviews, TikTok videos,… Experience the work right away. Our tools Vbee AIVoice and create high-quality presentations!

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